Who is TVTC?

TVTC has successfully coached thousands of athletes, over the past 10 years, to complete their first triathlon or their 17th, a sprint distance or an Ironman.  TVTC is a community.  TVTC is made up of ordinary people who wanted to conquer a new challenge, get in shape, improve their health, or make new friends.

TVTC is YOUR guide to accomplishing your goals!

How Does TVTC Work?

TVTC determines which skills and knowledge each athlete needs and when they need that information.  TVTC then gives that information in a way that you can understand and build from.  This is done through emails, local clinics, private lessons, group practices, or individual conversations.


If you are looking to complete a short distance triathlon (sprint), or a full distance triathlon (Ironman), TVTC has done it before. 


Are you looking to complete your first triathlon or get faster at your 17th triathlon?  TVTC can help YOU!