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Coach Lael Heinig

Lael is an athlete, competitor, and leader. Lael played competitive soccer year-round and attended camps taught by professional European players for 12 years. In college, his passion changed as hockey consumed all of his time. He started playing roller hockey and then quickly moved to ice hockey. Lael attended several top level hockey camps which led to him coaching a women's hockey team for 2 years. In 2003, his passion changed again when he joined Team in Training (TNT) and ran his first marathon. Since 2004, he has completed many more running races, including 10 marathons and 25 half marathons. In 2005, he joined the TNT triathlon team and has since completed every distance triathlon from sprints to Ironman. In his 3rd Ironman at Ironman Barcelona, he set a new personal best by 96 minutes to finish in 11:45:29.

Lael is a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 and USA Cycling Level 3 Coach and has been coaching triathletes for over 9 years. Lael is always learning and is a certified bike fitter from Bike Fit. While his strengths lie in endurance running and cycling, he has a passion for the science behind training and racing.

Lael graduated with honors from UC Davis with a BS and MS in Computer Science, and he was a teaching assistant for several undergraduate courses.

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