TVTC has several different membership options for people located in the San Francisco Tri-Valley Area.  If you are not located in this area, check out our Training Plans to get the coaching you want and be a part of the TVTC community.

Team Member - this is our most common type of membership.  It gives you access to all of the benefits TVTC offers.  The following memberships are Team Memberships and offer different payment options:

  • Monthly

  • Annual

Club Member - this is for people who want to be a part of the TVTC community but don't have the time required to commit to regular training.  

Personal Member - this is for people who have very specific goals in mind, want to train for a race that the team is not doing, or just wants that extra personal touch.


Club Annual


One time payment of $379

valid for 1 year

Here's a great tagline that says a lot of information

All Team practices (uncoached)

TVTC Members only Facebook page

Sponsor discounts

*** Does NOT include: ***

Training calendar, clinics, Tue swim practice*

* availability is first given to team/personal members

Personal Monthly


valid until user cancels

*** 3/4/6/12 months rates available ***

All of Team Monthly

Personalized training calendar for specific race/goal

Coach of choice

Weekly check-in with your coach (20 min)