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Personal Membership: Invest in yourself.

Training with a coach, a plan, and a group keeps you motivated and focused.

TVTC Personal Membership – a different philosophy.

Triathlon can be a fun and wonderful experience – the training and the race - if you are prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. What people don’t expect is the mental drain. We want to help you prepare physically to meet your time and athletic goals, but also enjoy the process by letting you know what to expect all along the way.

Benefits of Training with TVTC: Enjoy a supportive training group, weekly check in, meetings/socials, supported workouts, training weekends, specifics on your own workouts and training schedule (what you should do everyday), PLUS all the regular team workouts. If you have focused and achieved any big goal, you understand the value of training for a big race with others like you, and having a coach to guide you - particularly during key, long and difficult workouts, and during the peak part of the season. You need people around that understand where you are, where you are going, and what you are going through. Our main goals for your experience are:

  • That after every workout, you feel like you WANT to, and are excited to, get back on the bike again, or run again, or swim again the next day.

  • To avoid injury and illness as much as possible.

  • Not to expend all your mental energy too early in the training, and lose interest in training later.

  • To prepare your body early to withstand higher volumes of load and/or speed later in the season. (Triathlon training is not, “Training season long, need to go fast, so you train long and fast,” the entire season or year!)

  • To prepare your body physically to achieve your goals week to week, month to month, and through the “A”race based on your incoming fitness, skills, and experience.

TVTC Personal Membership Includes:

  • Personalized training calendar towards specific race/goal;

  • Coach of choice;

  • Weekly consultation as arranged with your coach (ex. 20 minute call per week);

  • Specific to your needs;

  • And all of team and coached practices and Team Benefits.


Read more about TVTC Personal Membership in the attachment below. If you're ready to commit to your goal and to yourself, register for Personal Membership at, and return the completed TVTC Personal Membership Information Form to

Personal Membership
Download PDF • 165KB

Personal Membership Information
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