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TVTC partners with local and national companies to provide unique advertising exposure as well as discounts for our members.
Our current Ironman sponsors...
Are you interested in partnering with TVTC? Want to have your logo on our website, social media, and custom gear?
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SportsPlus is located in Pleasanton and will provide four main valuable services to TVTC members.

The Peak Performance Assessment (FREE to all TVTC Members) - The PPA utilizes some of

the most advanced motion analysis technology and techniques, along with a detailed history and examination, to take a deeper look into your body's biomechanics. This helps us to uncover any training habits, previous injuries, or musculoskeletal imbalances that may be limiting your performance or causing injury. Following the assessment, we will provide you with recommendations on technique modification, training, and therapy for current injuries if appropriate. The PPA also includes a 10 minute trial of our Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill used for injury rehabilitation and conditioning.

SportsPlus Member Discount - 25% OFF specific services offered by the clinic including A.R.T. & myofacial release, chiropractic care, and other rehabilitation services.

90 Mission Drive, Ste B
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 462-5557

victor-lee-logo__VL white copy.png
Financial Planning is the process of meeting goals through the proper management of finances. We empower our clients to implement change and help them create a Plan and use us as their resource. Victor and his team provide an in-depth
evaluation of existing accounts including investment accounts, insurance and retirement plans (IRA, 401(k) etc.), and Morningstar Reports for Mutual funds.

TVTC Members receive a complimentary review on insurance as well as their investments, and a 10% discount for Money Management and Financial Planning Services.

Victor Lee Financial Planning
2000 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 460
San Ramon, CA 94583
(925) 949-5142

RAC Logo.jpg
Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP is not your typical criminal defense law firm. We practice criminal defense with not only PASSION but COMPASSION as well. In the event that you or a loved one is arrested for a DUI, driving with a suspended license, or even a violation of the Fish & Game Code, we are here to help. We conduct no-cost, confidential, and judgment-free consultations by phone or in-person. When you’re at your worst, we are at our best. Available for
consultations or questions 7 days per week (except race days!), 24 hours per day.

TVTC Members save 20% off all quoted fees.

Other TVTC sponsors....
UCAN gives you steady energy so you can finish stronger. UCAN Performance Energy and Bars are powered by SuperStarch®, which is uniquely capable of eliminating GI distress and preventing the bonk. Use in your training to improve body composition and recover quickly so you'll be ready for the next! UCAN also offers UCAN Hydrate, a zero calorie, zero sugar, electrolyte replenishment drink to help you perform at your best and recover quickly.
Check out how Tim O'Donnell uses UCAN.

TVTC members receive 15% off everything and 50% off the UCAN Tri Starter Pack.

Scicon Bags are designed and engineered in Italy since 1980. A benchmark for bike luggage and bike travel protection. SCICON® is known all over the world for its reliable and safe-travel products, the choice of the UCI teams and and trusted by many world class athletes from all around the world.
Easy to pack, easy to go: less time for packing means more time on a bike and less stress for travelling. It takes only 5 minutes to pack a bike and travel safe without worries.

TVTC members receive a 40% discount off on the 3.0 bags, including the 3.0 Triathlon bag, and the Race Rain Bag.

Roka Sports may only be 3 years old, but they are far from inferior. Their wetsuits are loved by pros and amateurs alike. Be like Jesse Thomas, 5 time Wildflower champion, and own a Roka wetsuit. Roka Sports also sells goggles, other swim products, and
cycling gear.
TVTC members receive 25% on swim items and 20% on cycling items.
Rudy Project, founded in 1997, is the leading sunglasses and helmet provider for the Tour de France and US Speed Skating. In addition, Rudy Project sponsors over 10,000 athletes worldwide.
Helmets and sunglasses are safety equipment. Everyone needs at least one helmet and a pair of sunglasses. Rudy Project is the leader in all kinds of high-end eye wear, including light weight, anti-fog prescription sunglasses, and lighter colored lenses for all those days the sun is not abundant. All of their products are designed here in the US and made in Italy with the finest materials. Their glasses are made for athletics, and designed not to fog when you are the most sweaty.

TVTC members receive 40% off all Rudy Project helmets, sunglasses and gear all the time anytime

Power Meter City is your one stop shop for anything power related. Looking for the latest Garmin Vector Pedals? Maybe the Stages crank power meter? Not only does Power Meter City carry what you want, they also provide expertise on what is best for your situation. Give them a call or send them an email.

TVTC members receive 20% off almost everything.

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